Sikh Girl : My whole family Met Jesus

I want to share how I came to know the Lord. I thought I knew what I was doing in life. I was wrong. I come from a Sikh background. We believe in everything, we believe in Hinduism and all the idols. We had a mini temple at home, we believed in all the scriptures, we believed in all the idols. There were lots of rituals, ancestral rituals that we had to carry on from generations. I didn’t really believe in what we did, I just went along with it because my parents did. I always had questions, I didn’t think what we were doing was right. I always used to ask my mom “Mom, we’re feeding these idols but we are not getting any answers from them. How are they listening to us, they are man-made.” I never really know who God was. I used to get bullied at school when I was very young. Because of that, I became very rebellious and angry. I used to swear a lot. I became my own boss. I wanted to do whatever I wanted to do. I was living my life to please other people to fit in with the crowd. 

God started working in my life before I accepted Jesus. In December 2008, I was going to India. My dad’s sister, my auntie, the whole family had already become believers. As we were about to leave for the airport, my auntie prayed for me. I laughed in her face.  I thought they’d just got another Baba that they’re going to follow now. I went to the airport and left for my flight. God worked in different ways and ministered to me in India in ways I didn’t understand. Because I didn’t know it was God, I didn’t really appreciate that. I came back to England and it was Thursday that day. Because of the rituals we used to follow previously, Tuesdays and Thursdays we couldn’t eat meat. When I got home to my auntie’s house, they cooked chicken. I thought my whole family had gone mad. Even though I didn’t believe in all the stuff we used to do, I still wanted to carry on just out of fear because we were afraid. That day when I landed in England, they were all eating meat and chicken. Unknown to me, my whole family had been saved while I was in India. When I said “Mom, what are you doing?” She said “No, it’s fine. We are not living in any kind of conditions now. It’s not about religion, it’s about a relationship.” 

I didn’t accept God then, I refused to believe anything. But a few weeks after that, I started seeing things that I have never seen before. My auntie who was struggling with her eyes a lot, who couldn’t see at all, on a piece of paper she couldn’t read at all, she got her eyesight given to her. My dad was a completely different person. I saw so many other things that I have never experienced before. We had a lot of peace in the family. Mom and dad never forced me to go to church or anywhere else. In fact, when Mom used to ask me, I used to get very angry and shouted at her. But one day she said to me “We’ve tried everywhere else, why not try here.” I heard that and I thought “why not?” 

So I went to church that day. It was totally different from anywhere else. We got told that you love your enemies and pray for those that persecute you. No other religion or cult tells us that. There was so much love between the people there. And they gave us a lot of love as well. After that, I went to church a few times and I met a few people. Some people have an instant change but for me it wasn’t like that. He started visiting me, giving me knowledge. Now I know my identity in Christ. I know where I stand in the kingdom. It sounds like a cliche but I am a changed person. No longer do I live to please people but I live to please the one who created me on the palm of his hand. 

I have been a believer for two years. I can’t even describe the ways that he’s using me. All glory goes to him. I now walk secure in his love. I don’t care what people think. Because I found my purpose in my life. So many people I’ve known before have called me names, troubled me or laughed at me and mocked me but I don’t care. I just pray that, the way I found my happiness, the way I found love in my Father God, all you people young and old hear his voice. He’s got a calling for your life. Do you know what yours is? Jesus loves you a lot no matter who you are. He just wants to show you how much he loves you and he’s pleased when his children are prosperous. That was my testimony and I’m just grateful to you for letting me share my testimony. This is just a testimony to glorify his name.