Why Would a Sikh Convert?

I was born in a Sikh family and my parents and the rest of the family are still Sikh. I was born and raised in india. I always had a strong connection with God even though I was doing my normal things, which we call sinful. I was doing everything but I always felt like there was a part of me which wanted to know God and knew that God was in my life. I still remember I was 16 or something and I was doing an evening walk. There was nobody around and just something came over me and I just fell down on the road. I just started crying to God non-stop and those words just came out of me that I’m gonna do a lot of bad things in my life and I started praying to God “please never ever leave me.” That was my first strong encounter with God and fast forward, I went to Australia and one time I was beaten almost to death. It was a racist attack on me. It was New Year’s Eve and 10 people beat me up so badly I didn’t know where I was and was unconscious. Somebody picked me up and took me to their house and took care of me for three days. At that moment, I felt the presence of God so strong in my life, that it just changed me. 

From that moment onwards, I started looking for God and I want to know God, who God is. I read the whole Sikh holy book – it’s called Guru Granth Sahib – and I read the whole thing with meanings because it’s in an ancient Punjabi language. Every few pages it said to meditate on the word of God and worship the word of God and look for the word of God. It just kept on making me more curious and I wanted to know what the word of God is. I asked around the Sikh scholars or people in temples and they gave me answers but it didn’t satisfy me. I thought “No, this word is something else; it’s not the words that I’m reading. It doesn’t satisfy my heart. I want to know what the word is. Even your holy scripture says to meditate on the word of God.” 

A few years passed and I just let go of it. I don’t know what the word is, I cannot figure it out and then I met with somebody in the gym I was going to and his name is Sonny Tube and he eventually became my powerlifting coach. After every gym session we would talk about religion and God and you know spirituality and everything and I was trying to bring him into Sikhism. I was telling him “Our Sikhism, whatever things you’re saying, we believe the same things, like charity and meditating on the word of God and everything” and I thought I was going to bring that guy into my faith. He just gave me a bible and he said “You read your scripture, why don’t you try reading this?” I started the book of Genesis but then I want to read the New Testament where Jesus is. I want to see what Jesus is about so I just opened the book of John and that was the night that gave me all my answers. It just said in chapter one “In the beginning there was the word…” When I read that first line, something just stirred up within me. It was something spiritual, it wasn’t wasn’t mental, it wasn’t psychological, it was something from the heart and from the spirit. Something moved in me and it said “The word was with God and the word was God and the same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him and without him was nothing made that was made.” Tears started rolling down my eyes just within the first three verses and by the time I reached the 14th verse, it said “and the word was made flesh and dwelt among us.” After I finished that verse, that was it for me. I just couldn’t stop crying. I probably cried for an hour or something because that was the answer I was looking for a long time. Many people explained it to me and it didn’t satisfy my heart but this did. I called my coach the next day and told him I feel like God is calling me to follow Christ. I told him the whole thing and I told him I want to get baptized. He thought that I was jumping the gun over here, I read one scripture and I’m getting too emotional and he said to give it a few days, just read the bible more and pray to God more and see what happens. After every gym session, I started talking to him more and said “Show me more, teach me more, I want to know more.” I had this hunger within me to know Jesus. I want to know God. I feel like I never knew God and now I know. 

I pray to God that this video is a blessing to anybody who listens to it and I humbly ask people, whoever is listening to this, please pray to God for truth, pray to God to reveal to you who Jesus Christ is, read the bible. Just read a little bit of it and give the bible a shot and ask God who Jesus Christ is because he is the only way, because you cannot die without being saved, because people do not know what hell is. Once this life is over, this body stops breathing. After this you’re not gonna get any chance of salvation or repentance. As long as you’re in this body, do not let this body go to waste. This body is meant for Jesus Christ because everything was created through him, by him and for him and for his glory. If our daily lives and our words are not glorifying the name of Jesus Christ, and are only glorifying our TV shows and our own selves, then you’re in for a very bad surprise. You can do all the charity in the world, you can do everything, tell people everything but if you do not accept Jesus Christ, those are filthy rags in front of God. He said Jesus is his only begotten Son, he didn’t say that to any angel or any human. “He’s my only begotten son” he only said that to Jesus Christ and only through him everybody can be saved because he’s the one who suffered on the cross and said that it is finished. He suffered for my sins over there. He bled for my sins. Nobody is as dear to my heart as the Lord Jesus Christ because he is there when I wake up and go throughout the day. I still sin. I don’t know anybody who doesn’t. Because I have a brain, I have thoughts, I have eyes but the spirit of Him is always correcting me and he does it with utmost love. I haven’t felt that kind of love anywhere else. He’s my father, my brother, my everything and he can be the same to everybody who’s listening if they give him a chance. 

Praise God for Sonny. To the Sikhs that are watching this, this can be your story too if you turn from your sins and put your faith in Jesus Christ. He will save you too. And to the Christians watching this video, I just want to encourage you to keep on sharing your faith and to share your faith with Sikhs. Something that he told me broke my heart, that no one had ever shared the gospel with him until after he read the book of John. The really cool thing is that God invites us to share the gospel, he invites us to partner with him and to work for God’s glory and for God’s kingdom. God can save anyone without us being used but he specifically invites us to share the good news with other people. I pray that I will start sharing my faith more and that you will start sharing your faith more so that we can spread the good news of Jesus Christ.